Who is Katie Gilley?

skgggI am Katie Gilley.  I was raised in central Florida.  I joined the Marines after a year of community college.  I ended up in Washington DC, Headquarters Marine Corp in the late 90s. I was a Combat Correspondent, who can kill you with a pencil.  (Just kidding or maybe not.)   I continued my college pursuit while on active duty taking night and weekend classes.  However, I made the choice to leave active duty in pursuit of a family and a career in Information Technology.  I was successful with both.


Amelia & Neil are my amazing children.

Amelia, my daughter.
Neil, my son.


I joined the corporate world after my military service.  I worked in various roles managing Information Technology for the military and the government.  I earned degrees in Management, Information Systems and Social Psychology.  Because of this choice, I was able to have/raise my kids and build a successful career.  I worked with the USMC and Navy as a contractor, which allowed me to be back around the military which I completely enjoyed.  After 21 years, I retired from my tech career in late 2018.

I have been fit and active all of my life.  I was an avid runner for decades.  I found and raced triathlons in the early 2000s and continued for years.  I even raced a half Ironman and completed it in under 6 hours.   I have always loved outdoor activities, biking, water skiing, paddle board and many more.

I turned my passion into a paycheck when I began teaching fitness classes in 2007.  I earned my cycle certification through my local YMCA.  I grew to teaching Pilates mat, boot camp, kids fitness and other formats.  In 2018, I earned my yoga teacher certification.  I started, right away, teaching gentle yoga two days a week.  I’m also back in the gym, teaching cycle and other group fitness.  It has been exciting to chase my dream of working in the wellness industry.


Yoga has been my missing link.  Yoga means yoke or union.  It is about the mind, body and soul.   I believe we are all souls made up of energy, living in a body and connected to that body with our mind.

I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1997.  My meditation practice came and went,  as I grew and changed.  As part of my yogi training, I have rediscovered the benefits of consistent meditation.  I have learned additional meditation styles or techniques and I’m learning to teach and share them too.

I believe awareness and awakening are part of our life journey.  I want to help others become awake and aware by sharing my journey.  I especially want to help service members and their families find health and wellness.

“You only live once” said singer James Brown.

I disagree.

I think, you only die once, you LIVE every day.  Each day is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.


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