What is My Savasana?

Welcome to MySavasana.com.  I have created this web space to grow a community of like minded people.  A place to share my thoughts and dreams about health and wellness.  This is a place for discovery, learning and growth.

Savasana is a yoga pose.  It’s also known as corpse pose and is usually practiced at the end of a yoga session.  You lie as flat as possible on the floor and find relaxation.  I’ve found myself flat on the floor a lot over the past few years and not just in yoga class.

I was recently scarred deeply by cancer and death.  Completely identifying with a corpse on a deep level.  Through my three year cancer journey, I learned to ask, what am I learning on this journey?  Where is the good or positive today? What am I grateful for today?  How do I control my reaction?  These questions carried me through the darkness.  They helped me find my own grace and strength to help someone I love, die.  It was painful and beautiful all in the same breath.  (Cancer really sucks.)

But even with the large amount of self-help, I found myself reeling and trying to find my way out of the darkness.  I recently realized, I have been guided by love and passion.  Love is healing my wounds and fueling my passions. The hardest part was opening myself up, to receiving, growing and relearning love.  I continue to ask questions of myself.  And as I get answers, I am finding what serves me and letting go of the rest.

Yoga has been an amazing teacher.  It has given me new awareness.  It challenges me to look inward, ask questions of myself and LOVE me.  I want to share my wellness journey.  I want to continue to teach others how to fix themselves. (I honestly believe it’s a choice.)  I want to foster a community of kindness and well-being.

I am teaching body maintenance, (think yoga poses, fitness, and nutrition behaviors), along with mind maintenance (think meditation, journaling, goal setting) and soul maintenance (connecting with your spirit through prayers, gratitude and spiritual practices.)  If this interests you and you want to work with me send me an email.

Thank you for following along.  I appreciate your time and energy.

Namaste (which loosely translates to the light in me acknowledges the light in you.)

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